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  Ice Bulls    
Season Played:10
First Game Played:Oct 2nd, 2018 vs Black Mambas
Last Game Played:Jul 17th, 2024 vs Singles 2
Total Games Played:175
Overall Record:90-68-11-6
Jersey Colour:Gray
2nd Jerseys:----
  Season Results    
Season Name Division Regular Season Playoffs Record
W18 Ice Bulls C2 8th Round-Robin 2-19-2-0
S19 Ice Bulls D1 1st --- 13-3-1-0
W19 Ice Bulls D --- --- 16-2-1-1
F20 Ice Bulls D2 --- --- 5-4-0-0
W21 Ice Bulls D1 2nd League Champions 16-3-1-1
S22 Ice Bulls D 3rd Semi-Finalists 8-5-3-0
W22 Ice Bulls D1 4th Semi-Finalists 11-8-2-1
S23 Ice Bulls D 1st League Finalists 11-5-1-0
W23 Ice Bulls D1 7th Round-Robin 4-16-0-1
S24 Ice Bulls D2 --- --- 4-3-0-2
Summer 2024
You can see Ice Bulls roster below. If you need to change any of your profile information you can do so by clicking on your name and changing it though your profile page. You can email your entire team by using the buttons below the roster. Any changes as far as jersey numbers or positions will have to be done by your team rep.
  Ice Bulls - Rostered  
Player Pos. # PhoneEmail
Eric Wylie G 1 No AccessSend Eric a private message
Steven Green D 4 No AccessSend Steven a private message
Justin Green D 5 No AccessSend Justin a private message
Dan White D 7 No AccessSend Dan a private message
Samuel Rawn F 8 No AccessSend Samuel a private message
Charlie Lemieux F 15 No AccessSend Charlie a private message
*Cody Cleary* F 16 No AccessSend Cody a private message
Mike Mansi F 17 No AccessSend Mike a private message
Ryan Erwin F 19 No AccessSend Ryan a private message
Luke Auclair F 19 No AccessSend Luke a private message
Zachary Whitley F 21 No AccessSend Zachary a private message
Trevor Franklin D 23 No AccessSend Trevor a private message
Riley Culham D 27 No AccessSend Riley a private message
Blaine Whitley D 78 No AccessSend Blaine a private message
Shawn Murray G 85 No AccessSend Shawn a private message
Spencer Heyworth F 88 No AccessSend Spencer a private message
Michael MacDonald F 96 No AccessSend Michael a private message
* - indicates team rep
- player has a profile in the hockey DB