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Tuesday, September 17th - Registration
Winter registration is open and we are looking for teams and singles players. Contact us for team entries. Register under the league info tab.
  Divisional Leaders - Playoffs    
Points (C)


2 J.Wilson 7
3 J.Bauchman 7
4 Mike Mansi 6
5 B.Pheasant 5


2 E.Massinen 1.00
3 Kyle Parker 2.00
4 Rob Alsop 2.00
5 Mike Swan 2.50
Points (D(S))

Craig Irvine

2 Bryan Currie 4
3 Dave Thorn 3
4 J.Eberschlag 3
5 Kyle Bobbie 3
GAA (D(S))

Adam Redgate

2 Scott Foster 2.00
3 M.Bowler 2.50
4 K.McLaughlin 4.50
5 Mike MacNeil 4.50
  Upcoming Games - Winter 2017-18    
Home Away Date Time Location
Blazers Blazers Renegades Renegades Sat Mar 24th 12:00 pm Holly CC 2
Seagulls Seagulls Bulldog Property Bulldog Property Sat Mar 24th 12:30 pm Holly CC 1
Core Wellness Core Wellness Savages Savages Sat Mar 24th 1:00 pm Holly CC 2
Sofa Kings Sofa Kings The Icemen The Icemen Sat Mar 24th 1:30 pm Holly CC 1
Kenzingtons Kenzingtons Dirt Squirrels Dirt Squirrels Sat Mar 24th 2:00 pm Holly CC 2
Outlaws Outlaws Pro Sports Excellence Pro Sports Excellence Sat Mar 24th 2:30 pm Holly CC 1
Tigers Tigers Bottom Feeders Bottom Feeders Sat Mar 24th 3:00 pm Holly CC 2
Chiefs Chiefs Healthy Scratches (D) Healthy Scratches (D) Sat Mar 24th 3:30 pm Holly CC 1
Mapleview Physio Mapleview Physio Wanna Bees Wanna Bees Sat Mar 24th 4:00 pm Holly CC 2
Shockers Shockers Royals Royals Sat Mar 24th 4:30 pm Holly CC 1
Silky Needles Silky Needles Buds Buds Sat Mar 24th 5:30 pm Holly CC 1
Cold CQ Cold CQ Source for Sports Source for Sports Sat Mar 24th 6:30 pm Holly CC 1
Scotiabank Scotiabank BarDown BarDown Sat Mar 24th 7:00 pm Holly CC 2
Thirsty Camels Thirsty Camels Healthy Scratches Healthy Scratches Sat Mar 24th 7:30 pm Holly CC 1
Remax Jets Remax Jets Milestone HC Milestone HC Sat Mar 24th 8:00 pm Holly CC 2
Blinn Built Blinn Built No Dekes No Dekes Sat Mar 24th 8:30 pm Holly CC 1
Gazzola Gazzola On the Rocks On the Rocks Sat Mar 24th 9:30 pm Holly CC 1