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Saturday, March 29th - A Division
Scotiabank entered the playoffs as the 5th seed and won the A championship game 2-1. They scored mid way through the 3rd and were able to hold off Bar Down late in the 3rd.
Sunday, March 29th - B Division
The Jets pulled out their second last second victory of the day to beat St. Louis 3 - 2. They scored the game winning goal with 2.1 seconds in regulation.
Sunday, March 29th - C Division
The Winter Classics pulled off an upset victory beating the regular season champs, the Penalty Box 4-3 in overtime.
Saturday, March 29th - C2 Division
Bourbon cam into the playoffs as the 3rd seed in the playoffs. Bourbon scored late in the 3rd period and held on to win the C2 division 1 - 0.
Sunday, March 29th - Sunday C
Woody's finished 1st overall in the regular season and continued that momentum into the playoffs winning the championship game 4-1 over Jagrmeisters.
Sunday, April 21st - D Division
Coming back from a 1-0 first period goal, the Flyers battled a tough game to beat the Silky Needles 3-1 in the D final.
Saturday, March 21st - Summer
Team entries are now full but we are still looking for single players. Info about the summer league can be found on the league info page.
  Divisional Leaders    
Points (C)


2 A.Pozdrowski 25
3 M.Carlson 20
4 J.Van Hemert 20
5 Steve Martin 20

Ian Duffin

2 Mark MacRae 2.17
3 G.Counter 2.55
4 Stefan Aust 2.67
5 Ryan Riches 3.00
Points (D)


2 Steve Ward 33
3 J.Eckhardt 27
4 V.Girimonte 25
5 Mike Gervais 24

Paul Roberts

2 A.Marchand 2.64
3 D.Theissler 2.70
4 B.McMahon 3.33
5 Ernie Adams 3.88
  Upcoming Games - Summer 2015    
Home Away Date Time Location
Cold Ones Cold Ones Mr. Dairy Mr. Dairy Tue Aug 4th 7:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Oilers Oilers Seagulls Seagulls Tue Aug 4th 8:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Huntsmen Huntsmen SluFoots SluFoots Tue Aug 4th 9:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Raiders Raiders Sofa Kings Sofa Kings Tue Aug 4th 10:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Dirty Birdz Dirty Birdz Kenzingtons Kenzingtons Wed Aug 5th 7:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Sobeys Sobeys Danglers Danglers Wed Aug 5th 8:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Cush Cush Jets Jets Wed Aug 5th 8:30 pm Allandale (Red)
Wallwin Wallwin Leafs Leafs Wed Aug 5th 9:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Dr. Bond Dr. Bond Outlaws Outlaws Wed Aug 5th 9:30 pm Allandale (Red)
Tigers Tigers Singles Singles Wed Aug 5th 10:15 pm IRC (Gold)