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Sunday, February 15th - Summer
Registration for summer is now open. Info about the league can be found on the league info page.
Sunday, February 15th - Playoffs
The playoff schedule for the Winter 2014-15 season is up. The playoffs will run from March 23-29. We will be filling out the schedule as teams lock up positions in their division.
  Divisional Leaders    
Points (C2)


2 J.Connery 17
3 J.Cowan 16
4 Jon Dufton 14
5 B.Mckinnon 14
GAA (C2)

Clint Gunter

2 G.Osburne 4.10
3 Mike Owen 4.21
4 N.LeGallais 4.68
Points (D)

Ryan Oster

2 Josh Oshell 38
3 Dave Hislop 33
4 Steve Ward 30
5 Ian Jones 29

Chris Walker

2 J.Greening 1.47
3 B.Marshall 2.72
4 A.Stebel 3.05
5 B.Davis 3.47
  Upcoming Games - Winter 2014-15    
Home Away Date Time Location
Dr. Bond Dr. Bond No Dekes No Dekes Sat Feb 28th 4:00 pm BMC
Jets(C) Jets(C) Woody's Woody's Sun Mar 1st 8:30 pm Holly CC 1
Whalers Whalers Vertical Acq. Vertical Acq. Sun Mar 1st 9:00 pm Holly CC 2
Cush Cush Prostar Sports Prostar Sports Sun Mar 1st 9:30 pm Holly CC 1
Jagrmeisters Jagrmeisters Thirsty Camels Thirsty Camels Sun Mar 1st 10:00 pm Holly CC 2
Wallwin Wallwin Sobeys Sobeys Mon Mar 2nd 9:00 pm Lefroy
Seagulls Seagulls Huntsmen (C) Huntsmen (C) Mon Mar 2nd 9:00 pm Angus
Core Wellness Core Wellness Winter Classics Winter Classics Mon Mar 2nd 9:30 pm Allandale (Blue)
Iceholes Iceholes Penalty Box Penalty Box Mon Mar 2nd 10:00 pm Allandale (Red)
Bourbon Bourbon Canada Wide Canada Wide Mon Mar 2nd 10:00 pm Lefroy
Raiders Raiders Mr. Dairy Mr. Dairy Mon Mar 2nd 10:00 pm Angus
Icemen Icemen Georgian Georgian Mon Mar 2nd 10:30 pm Allandale (Blue)