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Tuesday, September 17th - Registration
Winter registration is open and we are looking for teams and singles players. Contact us for team entries. Register under the league info tab.
  Divisional Leaders    
Points (C)

Dan Schaly

2 J.Bauchman 44
3 P.Matheson 40
4 B.Gaudette 36
5 Andrew Turan 33


2 Cole Viktil 1.83
3 M.Platten 1.91
4 Clint Gunter 2.08
5 Darin Smeets 2.57
Points (D)

Brett Little

2 T.Munshaw 33
3 J.Campbell 29
4 Jake Evans 27
5 Jordon Clune 26


2 V.Charlebois 2.54
3 B.Marshall 2.57
4 J.Van Niekerk 2.64
5 J.Stewart 3.00
  Upcoming Games - Winter 2017-18    
Home Away Date Time Location
On the Rocks On the Rocks Huntsmen (B) Huntsmen (B) Fri Jan 19th 9:00 pm IRC (Red)
Mattress Guys(B) Mattress Guys(B) Skull Pucks Skull Pucks Fri Jan 19th 9:00 pm Stroud
Hawks Hawks Remax Jets Remax Jets Fri Jan 19th 10:00 pm IRC (Red)
Howie's Tape Howie's Tape One More One More Sat Jan 20th 3:00 pm BMC
SpagettiO's SpagettiO's Gazzola Gazzola Sat Jan 20th 4:00 pm BMC
Ghostbusters Ghostbusters Nailers Nailers Sun Jan 21st 9:00 pm IRC (Red)
Thirsty Camels Thirsty Camels Healthy Scratches Healthy Scratches Sun Jan 21st 9:00 pm Holly CC 2
Rockway Rockway Cold Cold Sun Jan 21st 9:30 pm Holly CC 1
Abrams Abrams Source for Sports Source for Sports Sun Jan 21st 10:00 pm Holly CC 2
Black Mambas Black Mambas Those Guys Those Guys Sun Jan 21st 10:00 pm IRC (Red)