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  Barrie Men's Hockey League Statistics    
You can use the select boxes below to see a variety of different statistical categories for all the players and teams in the Barrie Men's Hockey League. If you have any suggestions on something that we may not track but could please let us know so we can try to add it to our system.

You can click any team name to go to the team page or any player to go to that player's profile. Those pages will have more detailed stats for the given player or team.

If you have any questions about the statistics you can ask them in the forum topic created for the league statistics questions.

  Winter 2019-20 - Regular Season (All Divisions)  
131Tristan WhitleyBulls110011.0018.947
230 Door Rangers320041.3346.920
31Dom BauerThose Guys330051.6763.927
427Stefan AustHuntsmen (B)131038241.85267.918
55Elijah KraanBulls191600422.21344.891
629Ricky SaundersSavages191600452.37282.862
776Jamie YoungToe Dragons191310462.42421.902
-30Cole GuthrieMeatbags191100462.42376.891
931Steven EllisDoor Rangers161000402.50265.869
1031Garrett WhyneOutlaws191510492.58330.871
1131Evan TetfordRoyals181000472.61399.895
1256Kodi HaineyCanada Wide8500212.63183.897
1330Michael PlattenDG Murphy's3616212962.67760.888
1429Keanan GrovesScotiabank141100392.79276.876
1532Ryan RichesSluFoots4024001142.85918.890
-1Darin SmeetsGWA201744572.85486.895
1710Andrew McGheeHuntsmen (D)119112322.91197.860
181Byron CooperCold CQ20816603.00377.863
191Nick ParkerSingles2017020633.15400.864
2033Mike MacNeilAvalanche181112573.17344.858
211Bill DunlopScotiabank5400163.20103.866
2234Bill DunlopRenegades161230523.25380.880
2333Greg DykemanWinter Classics201002673.35472.876
2431Randy MayPfaff19502643.37483.883
2546Mike PowersLumberjax191110653.42405.862