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  Barrie Men's Hockey League Playoffs    

The playoffs will start on Wednesday, December 31st, 1969 and run through Wednesday, December 31st, 1969.

Schedule & Round-Robin Games

Teams will play two or three round-robin games. The points for each round-robin game will be 3 points for a regulation win, 2 points for an overtime or shootout win and 1 point for an overtime or shootout loss. You can see the schedule by clicking here or clicking the playoffs under the schedule tab. After the round-robin is complete the teams will be seeded by the results of those games. Teams will be seeded in the following way:

  • Total points in round-robin games
  • Head-to-head games playoff games
  • Non-shootout wins (playoffs)
  • Head-to-head games regular season games
  • Regular season points
  • Goals for/against formula ((goals for/(goals against + goals for)
  • Fewest penalty minutes in the playoffs
  • Fewest penalty minutes in the regular season
  • Coin toss


A player must have played at least 4 regular season games for their team or had a medical exemption to be eligible to play. All eligible players for your team will be listed on your team roster that you sign before the game. Bring photo ID to the game, if another team challenges that one of your players isn't who he signed the game sheet for, that player must be able to prove he is that person. The process for challenging an ineligible player will be as follows:

  • The team captain will notify the referee of the players number you wish to challenge anytime before the start of the 3rd period
  • The referee will note your challenge on the game sheet and the game will continue on as normal
  • After the game a league official will verify the identity of the individual, if he is ineligible the game will be forfeited by that team

Overtime & Shootouts

Overtime will be 3 minutes for round-robin and 5 minutes for elimination games. They will be stop time 3-on-3 period with sudden death. If it is still tied after the overtime, there will be a shootout to determine a winner.

Each team will have 3 shooters, same as the NHL shootouts. If there still is a tie after the 3 shooter round, it will go down to 1 shooter for each team until we have a winner. After the initial 3 shooters teams can repeat shooters. Shooters can shoot as many times as the team wants after the initial round. The order of the shooters will be chosen at the time of the shootout by the team. In the playoffs, shooters will go one at a time. The home team will shoot first.

Elimination Rounds

Reseeding will be done for each elimination round, meaning the highest seed left from the robin-round will always play the lowest seed left in the tournament unless you are playing in pools. In that case the opponents will be preset.


All suspensions will carry over to the next season you play. All current suspensions will carry into the playoffs as well and we won't be reducing any suspension at the end of the year so you can play in the playoffs.