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  Barrie Men's Hockey League Statistics    
You can use the select boxes below to see a variety of different statistical categories for all the players and teams in the Barrie Men's Hockey League. If you have any suggestions on something that we may not track but could please let us know so we can try to add it to our system.

You can click any team name to go to the team page or any player to go to that player's profile. Those pages will have more detailed stats for the given player or team.

If you have any questions about the statistics you can ask them in the forum topic created for the league statistics questions.

  Winter 2021-22 - Regular Season (B Division)  
122Adam NeddoScotiabank208800004.00
213Matt BrownSluFoots242601003.00
334Kyle ScottScotiabank250500002.50
-93Brandon ShawToe Dragons223500002.50
-28Josh TimpanoSluFoots205500002.50
623Coulson RobertScotiabank140400224.00
-77Kenneth WrightSluFoots222401002.00
-4Mike DoyonScotiabank204400002.00
-10Jeremy RupkeToe Dragons204400002.00
1093David ChurchillSluFoots230300011.50
-9Luke ByrneSluFoots121300003.00
-13Sean BrockToe Dragons221300001.50
-96Joel ZondervanToe Dragons212300001.50
1415Mitchell MenardGrizzlies220220011.00
-18Taylor SchurmanToe Dragons220221001.00
-10Adam KallioScotiabank220220001.00
-91Jamie SwalesMeatbags111200002.00
-92Joel BowmanGrizzlies211200001.00
-11Andrew SeemannSluFoots211201001.00
-88Steve MitchellToe Dragons211220001.00
-20Jamie FrenetteScotiabank102240002.00
-93Frank GagnonGrizzlies202200001.00
-49Duston SedoreSluFoots202200001.00
-14Brett CarterSluFoots202200001.00
-11Dan HydeScotiabank202200001.00