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  Barrie Men's Hockey League Statistics    
You can use the select boxes below to see a variety of different statistical categories for all the players and teams in the Barrie Men's Hockey League. If you have any suggestions on something that we may not track but could please let us know so we can try to add it to our system.

You can click any team name to go to the team page or any player to go to that player's profile. Those pages will have more detailed stats for the given player or team.

If you have any questions about the statistics you can ask them in the forum topic created for the league statistics questions.

  Summer 2022 - Regular Season (C Division)  
7689Vince GirimonteCanada Wide1214500000.42
7793Dylan SwanRenegades1031440010.40
7896Joshua SwanRenegades8123240000.38
-12Josh FallisCanada Wide803320000.38
8027Zach BowenLightning1131420120.36
-8Stuart ScottCanada Wide1122420000.36
-24Thomas HobbsPfaff1122440010.36
-27Shane ViccaryPfaff1113460000.36
-14Justin AmentPfaff1113400000.36
-22Sam SwitzerRenegades11134180000.36
867David ThomasLightning1213440000.33
-49Duston SedoreSluFoots301120000.33
887Shawn RussellPfaff1003300000.30
8993BJ AdamsRenegades711200000.29
904Michael AndersonCanada Wide1112341000.27
9110Greg WhiteSluFoots8112200000.25
9244Mackenzie CiupaCanada Wide902240000.22
9364Kyle BishopRenegades1120200010.18
-86Scott FosterCold CQ1111280000.18
952Josh BellLightning1211200000.17
-24Jack HeatleyBrewers1211200010.17
-44Dylan BellavanceCold CQ610100000.17
989Steve SidsworthPfaff701180000.14
9937Kris Van BodegomHuntsmen (B)801180000.13
10016Brendan SallowsLightning1001120000.10