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Season Played:11
First Game Played:May 4th, 2015 vs Kenzingtons
Last Game Played:Oct 19th, 2020 vs Ghostbusters
Total Games Played:235
Overall Record:137-74-11-13
Jersey Colour:Dark blue
2nd Jerseys:----
  Season Results    
Season Name Division Regular Season Playoffs Record
S15 SluFoots C 6th League Finalists 10-6-0-1
W15 SluFoots D(S) 3rd League Champions 8-12-2-2
S16 Nailers C 4th Semi-Finalists 8-5-2-1
S16 SluFoots C T-2nd League Finalists 11-4-1-1
W16 Nailers C(S) 2nd League Champions 20-4-0-0
S17 SluFoots C1 1st League Champions 12-1-2-2
S17 Nailers C1 8th Quarter-Finalists 8-6-0-1
W17 Nailers C(S) 3rd Semi-Finalists 11-11-1-0
S18 SluFoots C2 1st League Champions 9-6-1-1
W18 SluFoots C1 2nd Semi-Finalists 15-7-2-1
S19 SluFoots C1 2nd League Champions 12-3-0-2
W19 SluFoots B --- --- 12-7-0-1
W20 SluFoots C1 --- --- 1-2-0-0
Winter 2020
You can see the SluFoots schedule below. You can download your team schedule by using the button below the schedule. This schedule is subject to change. Any changes will be immediately passed on to your team rep.
  SluFoots - Schedule  
Opponent Date Time Location Outcome Details
Mon Oct 5th 9:45 pm IRC (Gold) 3 - 9 (L)
Ghostbusters *
Tue Oct 13th 9:30 pm Holly CC 1 6 - 8 (L)
Ghostbusters *
Mon Oct 19th 10:00 pm Allandale (Red) 9 - 6 (W)
Mon Oct 26th 10:15 pm IRC (Red) ---
Mon Nov 2nd 9:45 pm IRC (Gold) ---
Ghostbusters *
Mon Nov 9th 10:00 pm Allandale (Red) ---
Tue Nov 17th 9:45 pm IRC (Gold) ---
Tue Nov 24th 10:15 pm IRC (Red) ---
Tue Dec 8th 9:45 pm IRC (Gold) ---
Mon Dec 14th 9:45 pm IRC (Gold) ---
* - indicates home team