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Season Played:23
First Game Played:May 4th, 2009 vs Belanger Realty
Last Game Played:Dec 9th, 2020 vs Howie's Tape
Total Games Played:448
Overall Record:170-227-33-18
Jersey Colour:Orange
2nd Jerseys:----
  Season Results    
Season Name Division Regular Season Playoffs Record
S09 Tigers B T-2nd League Champions 10-6-0-0
W09 Tigers C 3rd Round-Robin 3-18-4-0
S10 Tigers B 5th League Finalists 5-10-1-0
W10 Tigers C 6th Round-Robin 7-14-2-1
S11 Tigers C 3rd Semi-Finalists 6-6-3-0
W11 Tigers C T-7th Quarter-Finalists 7-13-5-0
S12 Tigers D 3rd League Finalists 10-5-0-1
W12 Tigers D 1st League Champions 14-5-3-4
S13 Tigers D 5th Round-Robin 5-10-0-0
W13 Tigers D 6th Round-Robin 8-11-0-5
S14 Tigers D 6th Round-Robin 1-14-0-0
W14 Tigers D T-5th Quarter-Finalists 9-13-1-2
S15 Tigers D T-5th Quarter-Finalists 6-8-1-0
W15 Tigers D2 4th Round-Robin 8-14-0-2
S16 Tigers D2 T-2nd Semi-Finalists 5-9-0-1
W16 Tigers D2 T-6th Round-Robin 6-17-0-1
S17 Tigers D1 4th League Finalists 10-4-3-0
W17 Tigers D2 3rd League Champions 12-12-3-0
S18 Tigers D2 T-3rd League Finalists 7-10-0-0
W18 Tigers D2 5th Round-Robin 11-9-2-1
S19 Tigers D2 1st Round-Robin 10-5-0-0
W19 Tigers D2 --- --- 7-10-2-0
W20 Tigers D4 --- --- 3-4-3-0
Winter 2020
You can see Tigers roster below. If you need to change any of your profile information you can do so by clicking on your name and changing it though your profile page. You can email your entire team by using the buttons below the roster. Any changes as far as jersey numbers or positions will have to be done by your team rep.
  Tigers - Rostered  
Player Pos. # PhoneEmail
Bradley Bogues F 2 No AccessSend Bradley a private message
Kyle Paranuik D 9 No AccessSend Kyle a private message
Darrell Squires F 10 No AccessSend Darrell a private message
Alan Davidson D 11 No AccessSend Alan a private message
Matthew Mason F 13 No AccessSend Matthew a private message
Jake Lenneville F 16 No AccessSend Jake a private message
*Rick Sowman* D 19 No AccessSend Rick a private message
Shannon Zussino F 22 No AccessSend Shannon a private message
Justin Lenneville F 23 No AccessSend Justin a private message
Jonathan Todish G 43 No AccessSend Jonathan a private message
Liam Lord F 61 No AccessSend Liam a private message
Trevor Jordan F 71 No AccessSend Trevor a private message
* - indicates team rep
- player has a profile in the hockey DB