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  Screaming Seagulls    
Season Played:23
First Game Played:Sep 25th, 2008 vs Chiefs
Last Game Played:Apr 19th, 2022 vs Renegades
Total Games Played:471
Overall Record:198-220-31-22
Jersey Colour:White
2nd Jerseys:Dark blue
  Season Results    
Season Name Division Regular Season Playoffs Record
W08 Seagulls B 3rd League Champions 16-6-5-0
S09 Seagulls B 1st Play Out 9-6-0-0
W09 Seagulls B 1st Round-Robin 18-6-1-0
S10 Seagulls A 5th League Finalists 5-9-2-0
W10 Seagulls B 6th Semi-Finalists 13-10-3-0
S11 Seagulls B T-4th Round-Robin 4-9-2-0
W11 Seagulls B T-7th Quarter-Finalists 10-12-2-1
S12 Seagulls B 8th Quarter-Finalists 2-13-0-0
W12 Seagulls B2 5th Semi-Finalists 6-17-2-0
S13 Seagulls C 2nd League Champions 14-1-0-2
W13 Seagulls C T-6th Round-Robin 10-10-1-3
S14 Seagulls C 6th League Champions 8-6-3-0
W14 Seagulls C T-6th Semi-Finalists 13-11-0-1
S15 Seagulls C 7th Semi-Finalists 8-7-0-1
W15 Seagulls C1 3rd Semi-Finalists 15-8-1-1
S16 Seagulls C2 1st League Champions 7-7-1-1
W16 Seagulls C1 6th Quarter-Finalists 11-9-0-5
S17 Seagulls C2 11th League Finalists 4-11-2-0
W17 Seagulls C2 5th League Finalists 11-13-1-2
W18 Seagulls C2 6th Round-Robin 6-13-0-4
W19 Seagulls C --- --- 4-14-2-0
F20 Seagulls C3 --- --- 1-7-1-0
W21 Seagulls C3 6th --- 3-15-2-1
Summer 2012
You can see the Screaming Seagulls statistics below. The colored squares indicate that the player is the team leader in that statistical category. Clicking on any players name will take you to their profile page.
  Screaming Seagulls(S12) - Players  
2Bob JanickiD801140000.13
4Wes CyrF1022440000.40
7Mike CarusoF512300000.60
9Matt SemmensD300000000
10Todd BurkeF1154920110.82
13Steve MartinF11831140011.00
14Trevor MorneauF11641060000.91
16Mark JanickiD700040000
17Justin ArtsF902280000.22
17Matt LambD200000000
20Ryan GauldF10581300001.30
20Brent YorkF502220000.40
24Cory SmithF1325700000.54
26Mark PiccoloD1304420000.31
44Chris ManiellyF800020000
77Justin CyrF1222400100.33
89Matt St AmantF803340000.38