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  Barrie Men's Hockey League Statistics    
You can use the select boxes below to see a variety of different statistical categories for all the players and teams in the Barrie Men's Hockey League. If you have any suggestions on something that we may not track but could please let us know so we can try to add it to our system.

You can click any team name to go to the team page or any player to go to that player's profile. Those pages will have more detailed stats for the given player or team.

If you have any questions about the statistics you can ask them in the forum topic created for the league statistics questions.

  Winter 2023-24 - Regular Season (A Division)  
5127Kody VaisanenBigCats1262840010.67
-93Mike BodleyMattress Guys753821001.14
-12Adam DaviesLate Knights1344862010.62
-9Sean McManusLate Knights1644880010.50
-15Neil MusselwhiteMattress Guys835820011.00
-88Brian KavaratzisMattress Guys1135820010.73
-27Tyler BurnsideOn the Rocks1326841000.62
-44Caleb CoatesRemax Jets1326800000.62
-55Colin PickardGrizzlies1526860010.53
-11Cory WickNo Regretzkys1726800000.47
614Nick DaurioMattress Guys952700000.78
-44Carter TraceyGrizzlies9527171000.78
-19Andrew DickLate Knights1252700010.58
-24Dustin MasonMattress Guys1134740000.64
-21Chris BroxLate Knights1625700000.44
6610Brad KennedyMattress Guys942600110.67
-26Samuel BlackburnNo Regretzkys1133600000.55
-28Jesse McconneyMattress Guys1224620000.50
-22Chris JonesLate Knights15246200000.40
-24Luke BrackettBigCats1315600100.46
717Jason McAskillOn the Rocks732500000.71
-3Adam MacarthurLate Knights832540000.63
-9Kory KennedyNo Regretzkys523501001.00
-22Brandon BoeswaldOn the Rocks823520000.63
-11Aaron PareBigCats1423500000.36