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  Barrie Men's Hockey League Statistics    
You can use the select boxes below to see a variety of different statistical categories for all the players and teams in the Barrie Men's Hockey League. If you have any suggestions on something that we may not track but could please let us know so we can try to add it to our system.

You can click any team name to go to the team page or any player to go to that player's profile. Those pages will have more detailed stats for the given player or team.

If you have any questions about the statistics you can ask them in the forum topic created for the league statistics questions.

  Winter 2019-20 - Regular Season (B Division)  
13Brady SlumanDG Murphy's8145410000.63
228James LeeSluFoots16145400000.31
-69Tom WatsonToe Dragons17257400000.41
472Brad GreensideMattress Guys(C)17246360010.35
-18Aaron VeenstraDoor Rangers18549360010.50
624J.HargreavesDG Murphy's14134340100.29
74Dan WilcoxPfaff1991019301011.00
867Jesse SmithPodium Pros17022280000.12
913Matt BrownSluFoots14121628275032.00
1093Austin FutersPfaff157815261011.00
-4Kyle WatersonDG Murphy's16000260000
1288Steve MitchellToe Dragons17111223242121.35
134Dennis FiddlerGhostbusters14134220000.29
-41Braden HoskinsSluFoots1714620222021.18
-4J.Vander ZaagDoor Rangers185813220000.72
-88Mitchell FrankeDG Murphy's199413222010.68
1791Mateo ThompsonPodium Pros1711819210011.12
1818Nathan VerdonkMeatbags16156201000.38
1914Alex NowakowskiPfaff11022180000.18
-41Eric PipherDoor Rangers185611181110.61
215John TaylorAB Electric13628160000.62
-44Jesse VantasselDG Murphy's156511162110.73
-7Jeff OrchardAB Electric18000160000
2417Jaymie TownesPodium Pros7011140000.14
-14Jordan BaileyDG Murphy's910616144201.78