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  Player Profile - Jonathan Vander Zaag    
J.Vander Zaag
Player Info
Seasons Played: 2
Total Games: 27
Rookie Season: Winter 2019-20
Overall Record: 13-14-0
First Game: Oct 1st, 2019 with Door Rangers
First Point: Oct 1st, 2019 vs Meatbags
First Goal: Oct 7th, 2019 vs Podium Pros
Last Team
Winter 2021-22
Door Rangers
Past Teams
Door Rangers
Door Rangers

Below you can see the stats for Jonathan Vander Zaag for this season as well as all the teams Jonathan has played for. Use the links below to get more details stats about the given catogory. Jonathan's league rank for each statistical catogory is provided for the current season only.

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  Career Totals - Regular Season  
Door Rangers (W19)185813220000.72
Door Rangers (W21)827940001.13
Career Totals2671522260000.85

  Career Totals - Playoffs  
Door Rangers (W21)100000000
Career Totals100000000.00