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Wednesday, August 11th - Winter 2021/22
We are excited to announce that for the 16th year, we will be dropping the puck once again.
Wednesday, September 9th - 10% OFF
Receive 10% off your purchase when you mention you are a player in Barrie Men's Hockey. Spend more than $300 and be entered to win a $250 BMHL credit!
Saturday, September 5th - Development
Offering Semi-Private Shooting Development and On-Ice Development. Programs take place in Barrie, with weekly sessions available! Visit www.twowayhockey.ca
  Divisional Leaders    
Points (A)

Danny Lee

2 G.Eskedjian 11
3 D.Tahbazian 11
4 Chris Mcnabb 9
5 Z.Wolochatiuk 9

Ian Duffin

2 R.Grasmeyer 4.14
3 S.Lamoureux 5.17
4 Bill Dunlop 5.75
5 P.Huffman 6.00
Points (C1)

Dan Schaly

2 J.Van Dyke 16
3 Z.Beaumont 15
4 Quinn Steele 14
5 P.Matheson 14
GAA (C1)

David Irsak

2 C.Mulvihill 2.00
3 M.Royce 2.25
4 G.Counter 2.40
5 Dan Earles 2.50
  Upcoming Games - Winter 2021-22    
Home Away Date Time Location
Mighty Drunks Mighty Drunks Dirt Squirrels Dirt Squirrels Thu Jan 20th 9:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Savages Savages Seaton Structures Seaton Structures Thu Jan 20th 10:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Late Knights Late Knights Remax Jets Remax Jets Fri Jan 21st 9:00 pm Stroud
Mattress Guys(A) Mattress Guys(A) On the Rocks On the Rocks Fri Jan 21st 9:30 pm IRC (Red)
Door Rangers Door Rangers Meatbags Meatbags Mon Jan 24th 8:30 pm Lefroy
GWA GWA Pinestone Pinestone Mon Jan 24th 9:00 pm Angus
Seagulls Seagulls Renegades Renegades Mon Jan 24th 9:00 pm Stroud
Moose Knuckles Moose Knuckles Mattress Guys(C) Mattress Guys(C) Mon Jan 24th 9:30 pm Allandale (Blue)
Scotiabank Scotiabank Toe Dragons Toe Dragons Mon Jan 24th 9:30 pm Lefroy
Descon Descon Podium Pros Podium Pros Mon Jan 24th 10:00 pm Angus
Pfaff Pfaff Canada Wide Canada Wide Mon Jan 24th 10:00 pm Stroud
SluFoots SluFoots Grizzlies Grizzlies Mon Jan 24th 10:30 pm Allandale (Blue)