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Thursday, March 23rd - Summer 2022
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  Divisional Leaders    
Points (B)

Ben Skuce

2 C.Kearney 6
3 Bobby Logan 5
4 M.Obrien 5
5 Matt Fischer 5


2 Adam Redgate 3.33
3 Cole Guthrie 3.33
4 Jesse Martel 4.67
Points (C)

Thomas Faris

2 Steven Smith 12
3 D.Carter 8
4 J.Lindley 8
5 A.Dakanis 7

Justin Ervin

2 C.Blakeman 2.25
3 Bill Dunlop 2.50
4 Randy May 2.75
5 Ben Allan 3.50
  Upcoming Games - Summer 2023    
Home Away Date Time Location
Taps Taps Huntsmen (C) Huntsmen (C) Mon Jun 5th 7:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Brewers Brewers Renegades Renegades Mon Jun 5th 8:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Little Electric Little Electric Canucks Canucks Mon Jun 5th 9:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Canada Wide Canada Wide Moose Moose Tue Jun 6th 9:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Meatbags Meatbags Big Time Barrels Big Time Barrels Tue Jun 6th 10:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Tim Simpson HS Tim Simpson HS Outlaws Outlaws Wed Jun 7th 8:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Silky Needles Silky Needles Tigers Tigers Wed Jun 7th 9:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Singles Two Singles Two CC Landscaping CC Landscaping Wed Jun 7th 10:15 pm IRC (Gold)