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Tuesday, September 17th - Registration
Winter registration is open and we are looking for teams and singles players. Contact us for team entries. Register under the league info tab.
  Divisional Leaders    
Points (A)

Ryan Young

2 A.Formenton 7
3 Jake Evans 6
4 Norm Ezekiel 6
5 C.Camirand 6


2 Adam Redgate 5.00
3 B.Engel 5.50
Points (D)

Mark Handy

2 M.Davidson 11
3 Michael Keon 11
4 J.Campbell 11
5 W.Chesson 10

John Backer

2 Levi MacLeod 2.00
3 Byron Cooper 2.00
4 Aric Clench 2.00
5 D.Bowdery 2.33
  Upcoming Games - Summer 2018    
Home Away Date Time Location
Mighty Ducks Mighty Ducks Gazzola Gazzola Mon May 28th 7:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Meatbags Meatbags Kenzingtons Kenzingtons Mon May 28th 8:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Avalanche Avalanche Wallwin Wallwin Mon May 28th 9:15 pm IRC (Gold)
SluFoots SluFoots Huntsmen (C) Huntsmen (C) Mon May 28th 10:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Blinn Built Blinn Built Shamrocks Shamrocks Tue May 29th 7:00 pm Allandale (Red)
Lumberjax Lumberjax Renegades Renegades Tue May 29th 9:15 pm IRC (Gold)
Mr. Dairy Mr. Dairy GWA GWA Tue May 29th 10:15 pm IRC (Gold)